I Gaze From My Kitchen Like An Astronaut

Jaybird’s new poetry show introduces ten poets to a theatre director and designer and creates new worlds of poetic pleasure and provocation. Words and moods are enhanced with props and subtle choreography: how the poets move, sit and stand on stage helps your eye support what your ear attends. The poets perform their individual shows in various combinations throughout the country during Autumn 2012.

Tom Warner will be one of the astronaut poets, along with Liz Berry, Kayo Chingonyi, Sarah Howe, Amy Key, William Letford, Karen McCarthy Woolf, John McCullough, Richard O’Brien and Liane Strauss. Tom will be performing in Hastings on 22 September, London on 29 September and Norwich on 24 November 2012. Details of all the shows can be found on Jaybird’s Astronaut website.

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  • Neil Elder

    Hmmm…can’t quite grasp the idea. Certainly intriguing – keep us posted and make sure you give a reading/performance in this direction. Cheers, Tom.

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